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Early in 2018, I partnered up with Stept Studios and Chaco Footwear to direct a story about my talented friend, composer and conservationist Jess Kilroy. Beyond being an incredible climber, rope access technician and musician, she has for the past few years been traveling around the American West composing a new album made from natural sounds recorded in wilderness areas. These tracks transport you to a wild ecosystem and tune you into the landscape in a whole new way. There is an experience of déjà vu in hearing a sound you know to be so familiar, yet so out of context. It’s haunting.

Jess is a musician solely for the love of it – and because she understands the power it has to woo people. For her, she’s making music to bring awareness to the importance of protecting wild open spaces by creating art from their aural beauty. The Creek Sessions is a sensory meditation on her process, encouraging us to tune into the sounds of the wild that we often take for granted.

Role: Director

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