Moving at a New Pace follows Andrew Locke, a Middlebury alumnus undertaking behavioral economics research with impoverished labor forces in Chennai, India. He spends his days with flower stringers, rickshaw pullers, fishermen and rag pickers learning how their chronic pain impedes their ability to earn a living. Locke is an alumnus who’s fascination with the world was born at Middlebury.

This short film is part of a project between Seedlight Pictures and Middlebury College to celebrate their decade-long fundraising campaign that supported a multitude of programs and student endeavors. The culmination of this was a 15-minute short film telling the story of the last decade through the eyes of exceptional alumni making tangible change around the world. We roamed from Vermont to DC, New York, Patagonia, Chile, and Chennai, India, following cartographers, entrepreneurs, researchers and human rights activists in their work.

Roles: Field Director, Producer, Cinematographer.

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