September 7, 2016 Tahria

Ledlenser Virtual Reality Experience live on Jaunt

It’s been really cool to step up the VR game this summer, working with Portland-based agency The Program on an experience for Ledlenser. I field-produced and edited the piece, Night Sessions lit by Ledlenser, which became a user experience at the Leatherman Outdoor Retailer booth in August and is now available on the Jaunt app. This was a challenging project – we had to shoot entirely in transitional light with a very short shoot schedule. We worked with a new rig – the Radiant Images Dark Corner rig, which handled the low-light and showed off the product really well. It was also great to work with a commercial client on a VR experience and see the possibilities for how this new technology can be utilized commercially.

You can watch the experience below: for best results, watch on your mobile device and hook up to wifi first, then select the option for highest quality. Enjoy!